FFXIDB Tracking Data
151,713,533 Kills
680,586 Voidwatch Chests
84,094 Monster Spawns
7,267,914 Synthesis Results
As of the 19 February 2015 update.
271 Zones
8,887 NPCs
25,601 Items


FFXIDB is a website designed to display information collected automatically in a way that is useful to the community, which is achieved by the Guildwork Windower plugin. All data collected by it is sanitized (stripped of identifying information) while being processed to add to our database. Currently, the following is being tracked:

Monster Kill/Drop information

The plugin collects the monster ID, time of kill, the player's TH level (based on trait alone), and drops of any monsters you kill that give the "defeated by" message. This information is compared to make sure that the same kill is not double-counted before being added to the database. FFXIDB also includes the "estimated Treasure Hunter level" of the kill from 0-3 based on the plugin users present in the party. If not enough information is present (such as party members without the plugin, so unknown TH level), TH is reported as unknown, to distinguish from the accurate reports. It assumes every member of the party acts on the monster, which will bias our TH1-3 samples downwards. It also assumes BST and BLU are TH0 unless they sub THF, which will slightly bias our TH0 sample upwards. The guildwork plugin does not track the proc system or potential Treasure Hunter+ equipment, so it is not considered. This information is currently not displayed basically because we have not figured out any convenient way to display it, but we do have TH data for every kill in the database, which will be added and applied retroactively.

Monsters that "fall to the ground" are not collected because it is a different packet and has not been sorted out yet. Otherwise, this is the site's oldest feature and has the most kinks worked out.

Voidwatch chests

The plugin collects the time, light levels, and chest rewards from any Voidwatch chests you open. Unlike for normal Kills, Voidwatch does not present any danger of duplication so there is no need to annihilate results. We do not currently analyze the light levels because we haven't thought up a convenient way to display it, but we do have light levels for all our Voidwatch chests, so it can be added retroactively.

The plugin assumes the Voidwatch monster based on zone (not kill name), which is why they're not integrated into the Monster Kills database. This is not currently really an issue anywhere, but is something to remember. Specifically, this is why Kalasutrax shows up twice and has no "Unique Drops."

Monster Spawns

Monster spawn packets are tracked and collected, which include the monster's position. These positions can be plotted on a map to create a comprehensive map of spawn locations for each monster. Only the spawn packet will be recorded and only if it's in visible range of the character, avoiding possible sightings of mobs that have been pulled out of their spawn habitats.

Forced-spawn monsters appear to be held underground near the entrance to zones until called for, at which point they are pulled above ground to the "spawn spot." As such, forced spawns do not really work with this system, and will show many outliers, but the actual spawn location is still visible, even if often eclipsed by the erroneously reported spawns.

Crafting Information

Ever the source of superstition, our crafting information collecting is designed to be so comprehensive that we can test any random theory that people come up with. The problem is obviously in the analysis and the many different types of analysis that are necessary to test many different theories. Currently we collect the Time, Equipment, Furniture, Buffs (including Food), Materials used (including crystal), Skillups, Craft levels, Products if successful, and materials lost if unsuccessful. The problem is obviously taking this massive amount of data and packaging it into a format that's useful for people. This is why there isn't any crafting information displayed right now, but we are working on it.

We can collect Food, but we don't know what food you ate. If Food's effect on HQ rate is small, it's a pretty safe bet that it will be totally obscured by the 3 hour pizzas and what-have-you that people eat. Similarly, we collect furniture but we don't confirm that you have the appropriate Key Item. Finally, we do not anticipate ever collecting very many synths of random low level armors.

Future Goals

Initially we emphasized beginning collection of as much data as possible to build the database for a time when we were ready to display it. Now we are focused on addressing the above limitations and displaying data we already collect. In the future, we would also like to incorporate additional sources of information like Fishing and get more involved in the community.