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(Throwing)All Races
DMG:5 Delay:276
NPC Zone Count Chance
Young Opo-Opo Yuhtunga Jungle 2420 out of 8827 27.4%
Young Opo-Opo Yhoator Jungle 813 out of 3626 22.4%
Brae Opo-Opo Abyssea - La Theine 6934 out of 31999 21.7%
Temple Opo-Opo Temple Of Uggalepih 5578 out of 12728 43.8%
Bullbeggar Den Of Rancor 4543 out of 11817 38.4%
Natty Gibbon Dangruf Wadi 13467 out of 35834 37.6%
Old Opo-Opo Ifrit's Cauldron 20334 out of 48553 41.9%
Wily Opo-Opo Abyssea - Vunkerl 5508 out of 14621 37.7%
Cheeky Opo-Opo Yorcia Weald 44632 out of 93058 48.0%
Coastal Opo-Opo Bibiki Bay 1021 out of 4296 23.8%
Qiqirn Trailer Arrapago Reef 2 out of 11 18.2%
Qiqirn Mercenary Halvung 2 out of 48 4.2%
Qiqirn Goldsmith Mamook 1 out of 13 7.7%
Qiqirn Poulterer Mamook 1 out of 10 10.0%
Qiqirn Archaeologist Aydeewa Subterrane 5 out of 303 1.7%
Qiqirn Enterpriser Aydeewa Subterrane 82 out of 4439 1.8%
Qiqirn Lieuter Aydeewa Subterrane 72 out of 2321 3.1%
Qiqirn Mosstrooper Aydeewa Subterrane 1 out of 89 1.1%
Qiqirn Goldsmith Alzadaal Undersea Ruins 307 out of 9279 3.3%
Qiqirn Poulterer Alzadaal Undersea Ruins 233 out of 7995 2.9%
Edacious Opo-Opo Nyzul Isle 390 out of 1955 19.9%
NPC Zone Count Chance
No Voidwatch chest data for this item.
(Throwing)All Races
DMG:5 Delay:276

shall shell
Shall shell
This type of oyster
attaches itself to reefs.
wind crystal
Wind crystal
A crystal infused with wind energy.
beetle shell
Beetle shell
The thick cephalic exoskeleton of
a beetle.
A variety of bivalve that can be
found on the reefs of the Arrapago
water crystal
Water crystal
A crystal infused with water energy.
beetle jaw
Beetle jaw
A sharply pointed beetle jaw.
earth crystal
Earth crystal
A crystal infused with earth energy.
bone chip
Bone chip
A fragment of bone.
sheep tooth
Sheep tooth
A pearly white giant sheep tooth.
mythril ring
Mythril ring
[Ring]All Races
HP+4 MP-4
Lv.24 All jobs
wind cluster
Wind cluster
A cluster of wind crystals.
Poroggo hat
Poroggo hat
A oddly shaped hat once worn by a
Poroggo. Only Poroggos can equip it.
handful of pugil scales
Handful of pugil scales
The hard and durable scales of a pugil.
fire crystal
Fire crystal
A crystal infused with fire energy.
Gigas necklace
Gigas necklace
A pearl necklace worn by the Gigas.
It is too large for people to wear.
lightning crystal
Lightning crystal
A crystal infused with lightning energy.
Gigas socks
Gigas socks
A pair of socks worn by the Gigas.
They are too large for people to wear.
elm log
Elm log
A rough-cut log of elm timber.
clump of moko grass
Clump of moko grass
A grass common throughout Vana'diel.
Fiber taken from its stem is used
as a material for grass thread.
flask of distilled water
Flask of distilled water
This water has been purified
by a distillation process.
Goblin mask
Goblin mask
A mask that filters out bad odors.
Due to its odd shape, only Goblins
can wear it.
cyclone crystal
Cyclone crystal
A crystal infused with wind energy.
giant femur
Giant femur
A rock-hard femur from
some giant beast.
ram horn
Ram horn
The twisted horn of a ram.
piece of oak lumber
Piece of oak lumber
Processed oak lumber.
A white jewel.
black pearl
Black pearl
A black jewel.