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Scintillant Ingot BGW Wikia FFXIAH

scintillant ingot
Scintillant ingot
An ingot of refined luminium ore.
NPC Zone Count Chance
Buarainech Garlaige Citadel [S] 65 out of 116 56.0%
Elatha Garlaige Citadel [S] 70 out of 158 44.3%
Lugh Crawlers' Nest [S] 83 out of 152 54.6%
Ethniu The Eldieme Necropolis [S] 77 out of 145 53.1%
Tethra The Eldieme Necropolis [S] 111 out of 277 40.1%
NPC Zone Count Chance
Akvan Lower Delkfutt's Tower 21 out of 49501 0.04%
Rw Nw Prt M Hrw East Sarutabaruta 9 out of 4809 0.19%
Hahava King Ranperre's Tomb 32 out of 34802 0.09%
Ushumgal North Gustaberg [S] 1 out of 956 0.10%
Pil Behemoth's Dominion 34 out of 42642 0.08%
Qilin The Shrine Of Ru'avitau 152 out of 153384 0.10%
Bhishani South Gustaberg 19 out of 7548 0.25%
Melancholic Moira Pashhow Marshlands [S] 5 out of 4225 0.12%
Celaeno Dangruf Wadi 31 out of 39467 0.08%
Fjalar Attohwa Chasm 2 out of 975 0.21%
Bismarck Bibiki Bay 27 out of 10359 0.26%
Uptala Ve'lugannon Palace 58 out of 69626 0.08%
Ig-Alima Valkurm Dunes 161 out of 51520 0.31%
Kaggen Qufim Island 45 out of 49328 0.09%
Kalasutrax Beaucedine Glacier 39 out of 10388 0.38%
Botulus Rex Buburimu Peninsula 29 out of 11416 0.25%
Lancing Lamorak West Ronfaure 14 out of 6914 0.20%
Ocythoe Grauberg [S] 18 out of 4203 0.43%
Tsui-Goab Misareaux Coast 3 out of 2285 0.13%
Gwynn Ap Nudd Konschtat Highlands 6 out of 2693 0.22%
Stachysaurus La Theine Plateau 23 out of 9242 0.25%
Isarukitsck Uleguerand Range 2 out of 1146 0.17%
Gaunab Vunkerl Inlet [S] 45 out of 11294 0.40%
Vanasarvik Mount Zhayolm 19 out of 4484 0.42%
Abununnu Lufaise Meadows 4 out of 1102 0.36%
Mellonia Crawlers' Nest 1 out of 2014 0.05%
Morta Aydeewa Subterrane 96 out of 31473 0.31%
Laidly Laurence Garlaige Citadel [S] 1 out of 919 0.11%
Voidwrought Outer Horutoto Ruins 4 out of 6018 0.07%
Smierc Tahrongi Canyon 12 out of 4403 0.27%
Aello Ru'aun Gardens 11 out of 12235 0.09%
Yalungur Mamook 4 out of 801 0.50%
Dimgruzub Arrapago Reef 5 out of 1372 0.36%
Brekekekex Caedarva Mire 3 out of 754 0.40%
scintillant ingot
Scintillant ingot
An ingot of refined luminium ore.
chunk of orichalcum ore
Chunk of orichalcum ore
This ore contains
the precious metal orichalcum.
chunk of luminium ore
Chunk of luminium ore
This ore contains the precious metal
fire crystal
Fire crystal
A crystal infused with fire energy.
inferno crystal
Inferno crystal
A crystal infused with fire energy.
Palladian brass ingot
Palladian brass ingot
An ingot of smelted Palladian brass.
apkallu feather
Apkallu feather
A feather from the wing of an apkallu.
wind crystal
Wind crystal
A crystal infused with wind energy.
Gurfurlur's helmet
Gurfurlur's helmet
A helmet once worn by the Troll
mercenary captain, Gurfurlur the
Menacing. No one else can equip it.
lightning crystal
Lightning crystal
A crystal infused with lightning energy.
sparkling stone
Sparkling stone
Translucent gems are embedded in
this large stone.
A green jewel.
orichalcum ring
Orichalcum ring
[Ring]All Races
HP+10 MP-10
Lv.65 All jobs
earth crystal
Earth crystal
A crystal infused with earth energy.
chunk of Palladian brass ore
Chunk of Palladian brass ore
This ore contains the precious metal Palladian brass.
scholar stone
Scholar stone
A chunk of rock that contains resplendent azure jewels.
chunk of silver ore
Chunk of silver ore
This ore contains
the precious metal silver.
clump of Windurstian Tea leaves
Clump of Windurstian Tea leaves
This high-quality tea is
a specialty of Windurst.
dhalmel hide
Dhalmel hide
The stiff hide of a dhalmel.
bottle of wind anima
Bottle of wind anima
This partially materialized quasispirit
emits an airy aura.
bottle of light anima
Bottle of light anima
This partially materialized quasispirit
emits a celestial aura.
flask of distilled water
Flask of distilled water
This water has been purified
by a distillation process.
dark crystal
Dark crystal
A crystal infused with dark energy.
Lamian armlet
Lamian armlet
This armlet once decorated a Lamia's
wrist. It would not fit on a person.
Experimental Lamia's armband
Experimental Lamia's armband
Decorative and protective armware of
Experimental Lamia. It inexplicably
resists being equipped on the arm of
any other.
lacquer tree log
Lacquer tree log
A rough-cut log of lacquer tree timber.