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Yagudo Abbot BGW Wikia

Zone: Castle Oztroja

Item Count Average TH0 TH1 TH2 TH3+
Item 1097Canteen of Yagudo holy water 1920 out of 5972 32.2% 21.4% 16.0% 25.7% 37.6%
Item 4704Scroll of Auspice 466 out of 5972 7.8% 5.5% 2.0% 8.5% 9.7%
Item 12611White cloak 87 out of 5972 1.5% 0.40% 0.00% 1.2% 2.2%
Item 4743Scroll of Reraise 125 out of 5972 2.1% 0.40% 2.0% 0.97% 3.4%

Spawns (8 total)

canteen of Yagudo holy water
Canteen of Yagudo holy water
This canteen holds water that has been
blessed by a secret Yagudo ritual.
The Yagudo use this water to keep
the undead away.
scroll of Auspice
Scroll of Auspice
WHM Lv.55
Teaches the white magic Auspice.
Reduces TP dealt when striking an enemy and bestows an accuracy bonus when the target is missed for party members within area of effect.
white cloak
White cloak
[Body]All Races
Cannot Equip Headgear DEF:39
MND+2 Light+4
scroll of Reraise
Scroll of Reraise
WHM Lv.25
SCH Lv.35 (Addendum: White)
Teaches the white magic Reraise.
Grants you the effect of Raise when you are KO'd.