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Pewter Diremite BGW Wikia

Zone: Rala Waterways

Item Count Average TH0 TH1 TH2 TH3+
Item 1626Bottle of avatar blood 20495 out of 199444 10.3% 8.7% 0% 8.8% 11.1%
Item 1700Spool of bloodthread 43807 out of 199444 22.0% 18.0% 0% 19.7% 24.4%
Item 2957Sacred Kindred's crest 4379 out of 199444 2.2% 1.5% 0% 2.2% 2.7%
NPC Zone Spawns
No other NPCs with that name.

Spawns (10 total)

bottle of avatar blood
Bottle of avatar blood
This blood appears to have
come from a terrestrial avatar.
It glows faintly in the dark.
spool of bloodthread
Spool of bloodthread
This scarlet thread is produced by a
variety of diremite. Much like a
spider's web, it is extremely light,
but unbelievably strong.
Sacred Kindred's crest
Sacred Kindred's crest
The demonically frightful patterns etched into this crest skillfully convey the power possessed by the unholiest of Kindred houses.