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Anthousai BGW Wikia

Zone: Morimar Basalt Fields

Item Count Average TH0 TH1 TH2 TH3+
Item 3962Alizarin yggrete rock 2 out of 5322 0.04% 0.00% 0% 0.00% 0.00%
Item 2361Ameretat vine 2155 out of 5322 40.5% 50.0% 0% 0.00% 46.9%
Item 2957Sacred Kindred's crest 135 out of 5322 2.5% 3.3% 0% 0.00% 2.8%
NPC Zone Spawns
No other NPCs with that name.
Twirling Heartwing
Bedrock Crag
Bumbling Leafkin
Snaggletooth Raptor

Spawns (1 total)

alizarin yggrete rock
Alizarin yggrete rock
This stony hunk of a petrified tree contains flecks of a substance that emits an unsettlingly spectral red glow.
ameretat vine
Ameretat vine
A vine cut from an ameretat. Still
partly alive, the vine twitches
occasionally, searching for prey.
Sacred Kindred's crest
Sacred Kindred's crest
The demonically frightful patterns etched into this crest skillfully convey the power possessed by the unholiest of Kindred houses.