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Riverscum BGW Wikia

Zone: Marjami Ravine

Item Count Average TH0 TH1 TH2 TH3+
Item 637Vial of slime oil 2241 out of 3299 67.9% 61.0% 100.0% 25.0% 85.9%
Item 2957Sacred Kindred's crest 238 out of 3299 7.2% 15.3% 100.0% 12.5% 10.0%
Item 5534Apkallufa 2213 out of 3299 67.1% 57.6% 100.0% 50.0% 76.5%
Item 6231Phlox yggrete shard V 318 out of 3299 9.6% 8.5% 0.00% 0.00% 12.8%
Item 8755Phlox yggrete rock 108 out of 3299 3.3% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 4.3%
NPC Zone Spawns
No other NPCs with that name.

No spawns recorded.

vial of slime oil
Vial of slime oil
This oil is extracted from slimes.
Sacred Kindred's crest
Sacred Kindred's crest
The demonically frightful patterns etched into this crest skillfully convey the power possessed by the unholiest of Kindred houses.
This freshwater fish's resemblance to an apkallu is so striking that it fools many dim-witted Adoulinian collectors into believing it is the real bird. The only thing the two animals truly share is their habitat of Marjami Ravine.
phlox yggrete shard V
Phlox yggrete shard V
A fragmented piece of yggrete, tinted a purplish hue.
phlox yggrete rock
Phlox yggrete rock
This stony hunk of a petrified tree contains flecks of a substance that emits an unsettlingly spectral purple glow.