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Tortured Diremite BGW Wikia

Zone: Sih Gates

Item Count Average TH0 TH1 TH2 TH3+
Item 1700Spool of bloodthread 14758 out of 25557 57.7% 0.00% 0% 48.8% 62.0%
Item 2957Sacred Kindred's crest 5739 out of 25557 22.5% 33.3% 0% 9.9% 28.1%
Item 1626Bottle of avatar blood 3149 out of 25557 12.3% 0.00% 0% 9.9% 14.5%
Item 8997Sliced thread 5618 out of 25557 22.0% 0.00% 0% 8.2% 27.4%
Item 9764Fire card 93 out of 25557 0.36% 0.00% 0% 6.9% 0.10%
NPC Zone Spawns
No other NPCs with that name.

No spawns recorded.

spool of bloodthread
Spool of bloodthread
This scarlet thread is produced by a
variety of diremite. Much like a
spider's web, it is extremely light,
but unbelievably strong.
Sacred Kindred's crest
Sacred Kindred's crest
The demonically frightful patterns etched into this crest skillfully convey the power possessed by the unholiest of Kindred houses.
bottle of avatar blood
Bottle of avatar blood
This blood appears to have
come from a terrestrial avatar.
It glows faintly in the dark.
sliced thread
Sliced thread
This thread from a diremite web was slashed nearly in twain.
fire card
Fire card
A timeworn card bearing an exquisite illustration of a fire emblem.